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    District Facts & Information

    The Dublin City School District

    Located 16 miles north and northwest of Columbus, the district encompasses 47 square miles in most of Dublin and parts of Columbus, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Delaware County and Union County.

    19 Schools in Operation
    Three high schools, four middle schools, twelve elementary schools with seven preschools.

    Enrollment continues to grow each year. The current enrollment is now more than 15,500 students.

    School Business Connection
    The Dublin City Schools received 28% of its revenues from local businesses in tax year 2016. Local businesses contribute 20% of the cost to educate each child in the Dublin City School District [$2,178 of the $10,550 Cost Per Pupil].

    Business executives founded the Dublin Education Foundation in 1999, which supports philanthropic and educational endeavors.

    Total Employees: 1,828
    1,247 teachers
    581 support personnel

    Teacher’s Salary/Experience
    Average Teacher’s Salary: $72,088
    Teacher’s starting salary:
    $43,481 – Bachelor
    $47,829 – Master

    Average classroom teacher experience: 10.4 years
    Certified employees with master’s degree or beyond: 67 percent

    Per Pupil Expenditure 2015-2016
    Per pupil expenditure, all funds per Ohio Department of Education: $10,550
    Instruction: $6,645
    Building Operations: $1,605
    Pupil Support: $668
    Administration: $1,167
    Staff Support: $465
    Other: $401

    General Fund revenue for Fiscal Year 2016: $189,963,311

    Board of Education
    Five Board of Education members, elected to four-year terms of office.
    The Board of Education sets policies for the schools and hires the superintendent and treasurer.

    Cultural Diversity
    1,420 ELL students speaking approximately 60 different languages are enrolled in the district.

    For additional information, please visit www.dublinschools.net.


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