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  • Dublin Area Taxes

  • Local Income Tax

    The revenue generated from income tax funds the majority of the City’s operations to provide residents and businesses with city services and fund capital improvement projects. All residents over 18 years of age must file a tax return each year with the City of Dublin.

    The local income tax rate is 2 percent and applies to gross wages, salaries and other personal service compensation, and net profits of Dublin businesses.


    Property Tax

    Property taxes are based on the tax rate where the property is located and the taxable value (based on 35% of market value) of the property as determined by the county auditor. The City of Dublin receives approximately 2 percent of your property taxes. There are seven taxing districts within the City of Dublin, based upon the county and school district location of the property. Each taxing district has a different full and effective tax rate that is used in calculating the taxes.

    The county treasurer collects property taxes on behalf of all taxing jurisdictions, then distributes to the taxing entities, which can include:

    • Local school district
    • Local vocational school district
    • County
    • Township Fire Department
    • Other Entities Approved by Voters

    Sales Tax

    A 6.75 percent sales tax is imposed on taxable purchases in Franklin County.

    A 7.25 percent sales tax is imposed on taxable purchase in Delaware and Union Counties.

    Hotel/Motel Tax

    A 6 percent tax is imposed on hotel/motel rooms in Dublin. This revenue is invested back into the community for beautification projects, special events and cultural activities. The Dublin Convention and Visitors Bureau and Dublin Arts Council each receive a percentage of the annual revenues from the hotel/motel tax.

    State Income Tax

    With rare exception, employers that conduct business in Ohio are responsible for withholding Ohio individual income tax from their employees’ pay. Ohio employers also have the responsibility to withhold school district income tax from the pay of employees who reside in a school district that has enacted such a tax.

    For more information, contact the City of Dublin Taxation at 614-410-4460 or visit www.DublinOhioUSA.gov/taxation or www.tax.ohio.gov.

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