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  • Dublin Businesses are Vital to the Quality of Life in Dublin

    In Dublin, Ohio, we are very fortunate to have a strong and diverse business community. Businesses in Dublin play a vital role in providing funding for city and school services. Income taxes finance the majority of costs for city services and property taxes fund a considerable portion of school services. Dublin also provides innovative programs for local businesses such as workforce development and corporate wellness initiatives.

    The relationship between The City of Dublin and its business community is vital to the quality of life for Dublin’s residents and employees. Here are some important facts you need to know:

    • Employee withholding taxes represent over 80% of total income tax receipts for the City of Dublin.
    • More than 75% of Dublin’s residents work outside the City of Dublin. Therefore, the majority of income taxes receive by the City come from non-residents. For this reason, efforts to strengthen and diversity the business base are essential to the fiscal well-being of the City.
    • Dublin is home to more than 4,300 businesses that employ over 70,000 employees.
    • Dublin City Schools is funded primarily by property taxes, while the City of Dublin is funded primarily through income taxes paid by those who work in Dublin.
    • Dublin City Schools received 20.73% of their local revenues from property taxes paid by local businesses in 2019.
    • Local businesses contribute 20% of the cost to educate each child in the Dublin City School District (2,741 of the $13,449 Cost Per Pupil).
    • Income taxes also contribute to Dublin’s Workforce Development Strategy, which invests in sustainable future growth by generating strategic and cultural support for the Dublin business community
    • FitBiz is a new corporate wellness initiative available to Dublin businesses that promotes a healthy working environment through a variety of programs to fit every employers’ needs. Find more information here:  https://www.econdev.dublinohiousa.gov/fitbiz/
    • To improve the local technology workforce, the Dublin Reality Check digital marketing campaign attracts new talent to the region and bolsters Dublin as a rising tech hub. Find more information here: www.dublinrealitycheck.com
    • A unique opportunity for the Dublin business community is the Dublink Transport System that allows for fiber optic connection at speeds up to 100 gigbits per second at no cost to the company. That is 100 times faster than Google fiber. More information can be found at www.dublinktransport.com.

    Sources: City of Dublin Residents Guide to Understanding Local Taxes (2019), City of Dublin Operating Budget, City of Dublin Economic Development, and Dublin City Schools.



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