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  • Census Bureau Resources for Small Businesses

  • The following information from the U.S. Census Bureau includes a wealth of statistics that are essential resources to help small businesses to succeed and grow.

    Know Your Customers, Suppliers and Competitors

    Statistics of U.S. Businesses
    Find annual data for businesses by size, number of firms, employment and payroll down to the county level. census.gov/econ/susb

    Survey of Business Owners
    Identify the characteristics of business owners by industry, gender, race, ethnicity and veteran status, down to the city and county level. Updated every five years. census.gov/econ/sbo

    County Business Patterns
    Find annual information about establishments with paid employees down to the county level. census.gov/econ/cbp

    Nonemployer Statistics
    Find annual information about businesses with no paid employees down to the county level. census.gov/econ/nonemployer

    Government Statistics
    Learn about government activity within your community – including financial activities of state and local governments such as revenues, expenditures, debt and assets, federal spending, and employment for all levels of government. census.gov/govs

    Go Global

    Foreign Trade Statistics
    Identify potential business markets and overseas trade opportunities. This data provides monthly measures of imports and exports of more than 15,000 commodities, by port, by country of origin or destination, and by state of origin or destination. census.gov/foreign-trade

    Learn About Your Customers and Community

    American Community Survey
    Find a wealth of information about your community, including access to annual updated data on age, race, income, labor force, commute time to work, home value, veteran status, and other important data down to the census block group. census.gov/acs

    Community Economic Development Hot Report
    Useful for understanding economic changes. This database combines both economic and demographic data into one report for your community with helpful maps and charts. http://thedataweb.rm.census.gov/TheDataWeb_HotReport2/EPA2/EPA_HomePage2.hrml

    2010 Census
    Quickly identify the size of your market using counts of the nations’ population. This data includes age, sex, race, ethnicity, relationship and housing ownership. factfinder2.census.gov

    Learn about your Industry

    Industry Search
    Find available data for and about your industry in one single query. Simply enter a keyword in the search box to find reports providing data for your industry… and more! census.gov/econ

    Know your Business Environment

    Economic Indicator Database
    Quickly find data about the economy in a customizable and downloadable format. census.gov/econ/currentdata

    Want to Know More?
    Visit census.gov/econ or contact the Census Bureau Customer Service Department at 800-923-8282.

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