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  • Resources to Help You Re-Open Your Business

    The state has started a phased reopening of the state economy. The plan will be fact-driven over a long period of time to minimize the health risk to business owners, employees, and their customers. All businesses must follow general safe business practices as they reopen. Those include requiring face coverings for all employees, and recommending them for clients and customers at all times; conducting daily health assessments or self-evaluations of employees; maintaining good hygiene and social distancing; cleaning and sanitizing workplaces; and limiting capacity to meet social distancing guidelines. For a list of these requirements by industry, please download this PDF.

    Below are a list of local businesses that can help with some of your re-opening needs, including signage, cleaning and masks.  If you are a Dublin Chamber member withproducts or services that can assist businesses during this time, please send us an email or call 614-889-2001.


    Body Temperature Measurement

    Brown Enterprise Solutions - Brown Enterprise Solutions offers a body temperature measurement solution… Zero touch, which can be integrated into door systems, and provide notifications to selected staff should an individual test for a fever when entering a facility.  The solution can also be programed for facial recognition, with users easily added in a few short clicks and other analytical data. For additional information, visit http://www.besolutions.org/index.html or call (614) 588-0248.


    Face Coverings

    AlphaSuit – Visit virusmasksppe.com to purchase facemasks for your employees and customers. Any question, please contact Sean McKee at (248)-789-5815.


    Cleaning Services

    JARVIS CLEANING INC. – Jarvis Cleaning provides commercial cleaning for businesses on a nightly, weekly or monthly basis. They also sanitize and provide deep cleaning for companies planning on re-opening their offices.  They use the same top-of-the-line virucide used in hospitals, locker rooms and training facilities.  This virucide kills bacteria and viruses in the workplace.  Contact Mike McElligott for more information at 614-843-2228.

    Legacy Maintenance Serviceswww.lmsoh.com offers a wide range of cleaning and disinfecting services throughout Ohio. Contact them today at 614-545-9888 to talk to them about how to keep your business clean and safe for your employees and customers.


    Signage, Graphics and Barriers

    The Continental Office Team - The signage solutions from the Continental Office Team provide a cohesive solution that will ensure everyone in your space feels safe and confident. These affordable solutions can be customized to include your company’s logo and color scheme. All signs in this system are durable, easy to clean, and can be delivered in 1–2 weeks. For details, go online or call 614-262-5010.

    SignAffects – Contact Paul Lyda for all your signage needs. Call them at 614-869-4000 or visit their website at www.signaffects.com.

    FASTSIGNS of Dublin - Contact them for floor graphics or customer direction signage. Visit them at https://www.fastsigns.com/86-dublin-oh or call 614-793-1996.

    Golden Bear Visuals – Mike Smith and his team are working 24/7 to help get your business ready for opening with your signage needs. Call them today at 614-710-1312 or visit their website at www.fastsigns.com/2255.

    Proforma Graphics - Contact them for a number of safety and protective products including face covers, hand sanitizers, forehead thermometers, sterilization tools, surgical masks, face shields, protective suits and more! Visit https://proformappesafety.buyproforma.com/#/ for details.

    MDSolutions Inc. – This traffic safety solutions supply company and is providing workplace safety signs to battle the pandemic. They can work to customize your signage to fit your individual business need. Contact them today at 614-873-2222 or visit their website at http://www.md-signs.com.

    Minuteman Press Bounce Back Dublin -Bounce Back Dublin serves to offer two free services to support Dublin and surrounding communities. First, they are distributing a COVID-19 awareness and prevention poster at no charge to all businesses in Dublin. Second, they are providing a free local advertising forum to stimulate business as we overcome the economic effects. Order your COVID-19 prevention poster using the form online, or by calling 614-792-3399. They will deliver them to your door, with no close contact. Please submit your company’s special offer or supportive message in this forum at no charge. Just upload your logo and the message or offer, and they will publish your message in the appropriate category.

    Zilla LLC – Contact them today for a variety of products including sanitizers, wipes, masks, gloves and signage to help your business through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Check out their products here https://www.zilladisplay.com/search?q=covid-19 or call Chris Russell at 614-763-5310. They can work with clients to bring everything in-house, and consolidate packages for representatives in the field, and send bi-weekly or monthly safety supplies to various locations.  They can get PPE items, in bulk or low quantities, at great pricing (branded and reusable or unbranded and disposable).


    Payment Processing and POS Solutions

    SpotOn – SpotOn offers engagement software, payment processing & POS solutions. Simple, cost-effective tools proven to help local businesses adapt, connect with customers & optimize revenue. Waiving platform fees through July. Contact your local partner, Catherine Grillot today at 614-554-3496.  https://www.facebook.com/catgrillotdublinohio


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